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Exposure and Experience

And just like that....we have reached the end of our school year. While we are always thankful for a break, I find it important to reflect on the year and to mentally start preparing for August. This year has been one to remember. As I've shared in the past, I experienced the best professional development of my career and am extremely thankful for the opportunity. This PD was free and gave me a chance to not only work with teachers but also work with more students. It made me a better colleague, teacher, and learner. This PD was right here at Neuqua and available to all staff at all times. This PD, my friends, came from observing classrooms. As I reflect on this awesome professional development, these two words come to mind:  Exposure and experience. Exposure: Sitting in different classrooms, collaborating with various teachers, and revisiting courses I haven't experienced since high school provided new ideas, perspectives, appreciation, and most importantly, awareness.