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A Story Worth Telling

And here we are again. Another summer has come and gone, and we are back into the swing of things so quickly that it feels like we never left. As with any new school year, teachers came back excited to meet our students and ready to put our energy and passion into creating memorable learning experiences. As I stepped into a new role this year, I gained an entirely new perspective about what is needed to start the school year strong, create a collaborative and motivating environment for our staff, and create a sense of a community for our students in a building so big. Every day I see something, hear something, and/or learn something new that continues to help me make sense of why this place is so special.  As I began to brainstorm for my first blog post of the year, I couldn't help but think about all of the wonderful staff and students who I've witnessed contribute to our awesome school environment over the past few weeks. Even though I am a mix of emotions as I learn