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A school is a special place. Not just for students, but also for the teachers who work tirelessly to engage their students and provide a memorable learning experience. Our work not only inspires students, but it also inspires our colleagues...and these professional relationships create an environment that breaks beyond expectations.  As I explained in my last post, it is a new year, with a new, contagious energy. Teachers have jumped right back into instruction and are excited to share the awesome things they are trying or want to try in the classroom. As I worked with a few teachers this week, I continued to be amazed and excited about the way they are making instructional shifts while keeping the focus on student learning and growth. While trying something new in the classroom can be scary and overwhelming, the result will not only benefit our students, but it will also inspire others around us. Here are a few ways our teachers are working to enhance classroom instruction and


Well, well, we are again. New year. New students. New goals. Probably one of my favorite parts about being a teacher is that each year, we get a chance to regroup, reflect, and refocus on our goals as an educator. The beginning of the school year brings so many emotions - excitement, anxiety, hope, fear...and many many more - and as teachers, we have to find balance and focus as we decide how we will create a memorable experience for our students. When the students arrive on Day 1, we slip right back into the role we left a few months back and already start thinking about the potential and future growth of our students. There is a new energy among our teachers this year, and this new energy is exciting and contagious. Last year, with the adoption of 1:1 in all of our classrooms, many teachers were curious but nervous to try new things in their classrooms. Taking risks in the classroom can always be nervewracking as we have 30 students staring at us, and if something g