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Setting the Tone

What's up, Wildcats! The school year is underway, and the halls are alive with chatter about summer adventures, new teachers, fun activities, and plans for the year. Teachers are furiously running around the building and prepping to begin their first units of study. The energy of a new school year is contagious, and there is no greater time to be a Neuqua Valley Wildcat.

Amazing things occur in our classrooms on a daily basis. Walking through the different wings provides awesome opportunities for one to see various lessons, activities, and successes happening in each classroom. What else will you see this year??? Chromebooks...everywhere! Each high school student in our district was given a Chromebook to help enhance learning and provide opportunities for collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking. During the first week back to school, it became obvious that our teachers embraced this new addition to our classrooms and furiously worked to learn how to incorporate the Chromebook into their classroom environment. This is no easy feat...and it will be something that our teachers continue to conquer, and in my opinion, dominate this school year.

Our opening days included typical meetings about school procedures and preparation for students; however, one huge factor was this new device that would be in the hands of every student in our building. While the buzz about the Chromebooks was part of the conversation, the focus was on how we can prepare our students to be future ready and ask them to take ownership of their learning.

As we continue to get to know our students and introduce material for our classes, we should continue to focus on what is most important: our students, and what they need to succeed. While a Chromebook will help us provide opportunities for future ready skills, the teacher is the most important part of the classroom in order to set the tone for student ownership, growth, and engagement. This blog will highlight the awesome things happening in classrooms at Neuqua Valley High School. Let's do this!!!

Welcome to #Whatsup Wildcats...Classroom Edition. 
Go Wildcats!