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Let's Get Digital!


We want our students to possess all of these qualities because we know that they will help them succeed in and out of the classroom. But realistically, are students properly equipped with these qualities to survive and "do school" in a digital world? While traditional instructional practices will always have a place in the classroom, we must acknowledge that our students also need to possess the qualities listed above in a digital setting. 

This year, our Advisory program decided to provide simple, effective lessons to teach digital tips and tricks to freshmen students. Yes, it was time to GET DIGITAL! (Cue Olivia Newton-John) Let's Get Digital is designed to teach students how to utilize various digital resources available on their Chromebooks and mobile devices. It also provides tips and tricks to help them be organized, productive, creative, and collaborative. 

The Let's Get Digital website includes lessons for the following digital resources:
  • Chromebooks and Chrome OS
  • The Google Drive
  • Google Keep
  • Mobile Apps and Connections
While the site was designed for our freshmen students, the resources included can help any student, staff member, parent, or individual that wants to learn more about the awesome digital resources we can access on a daily basis. 

Yes, our students have grown up with access to technology; however, we cannot assume that they know how to use the various resources available to them in order to be organized, productive, creative, and collaborative. We also cannot assume they know how to use these digital resources to learn. It is our job to help our students develop and sharpen these digital skills so that they can manage learning and working in a digital setting.  #whatsup 

Click here to check out Let's Get Digital.