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Keeping Up with the Wildcats

Wow. There is a lot going on at Neuqua Valley High School. So many awesome, different things day after day. It has been a few weeks since I've updated my blog, and I must admit that it is due to all of these awesome Neuqua events and happenings that take up the day. If you read Our School, Our Story, you know that we have revived the @Neuquavalley Instagram page, and I have been sharing our school's daily stories with the public...over 800 people to date. Boomshakalaka. This new project is so much fun, and that is due to the fact that there is so much to share about our special building.

As I continue to capture and share our story, the same thought continues to cross my mind: WOW...there is so much going on here! Some of my family members and friends who are not students, staff, or parents in the Neuqua community also follow the page, and this is their first comment to me when we discuss the happenings on the Gram. Don't believe me? Well...let's take a look at a few of the key events we covered over the last few weeks:

VEI Trade Show
Biology CSI Activity with the Naperville Police Department
Mock Press Conference
National Poetry Month
Slam Poetry Competition
Where the Sidewalk Chalk Ends Activity
Students Learn and Perform the Charleston
Freedom Golf Association partnership with Peer Partners
Iron Chef Worlds Competition
National High Five Day
Health. Moves. Minds.
Poets for Hire
Egg Drop Experiment
Peer Partners' Workshop
Confront the Elephant
Serenity Week
Earth Day
Poem in your Pocket
Engineering Design and Development Presentations

....and so much more!

As I continue to try and keep up with the Wildcats, I am amazed by what gets done on a daily basis that supports our students, staff, and community. I often reflect on how one building can manage such a schedule but also keep the focus on student growth and success. You see, while all of this awesome stuff is going on around the building, there are still impressive lessons, activities, experiences, and creations happening in the classrooms that fill our building. The events listed above compliment the work we are doing in the classroom and provide even more opportunities for our students to learn, grow, have fun, be creative, collaborate with the peers, overcome adversities, and find their identities. This, you see, is what high school is all about: creating memorable experiences for our students.

So, my friends, have you been keeping up with the Wildcats? Drop a comment below to share some of the awesome thing's you've witnessed over the past few weeks. #whatsup

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